Intérêt ARMA - the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts, is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to the study and practice of historical fencing and the exploration and promotion of our Western martial heritage.

The ARMA focuses on the interpretation and legitimate reconstruction of Medieval and Renaissance combat systems as a modern discipline. The ARMA endeavors to approximate historical fighting skills through a curriculum of reconstructed techniques, principles, and methods for using a variety of swords, spears, shields, staff weapons, daggers, and unarmed grappling and wrestling skills as taught in period books and manuscripts.

Online Historical Fencing Manuals & Texts are available on the website here, as well as a complete listing of known surviving Medieval & Renaissance titles here.

This includes:

Viking Fighting Selected Text from 23 Norse Sagas!

Saxo the Dane Selected Anecdotes and Accounts of Epic Combat - from 12th & 13th Century Danish History

I.33 - German Sword & Buckler Manual Oldest known sword manuscript of c. 1295! The MS 3542 Text Analysis Project - Interpretation of a 15th century English text on the two-hand or great-sword! Verse Analysis Here.

15th century English Sword Text A short, rare text, known only as "Additional Manuscript 39564" (or MS. 39,564).

Fiore Dei Liberi -"Flos Duellatorum in Armis" from 1410 - most prized of the Medieval Italian manuals!

Anonymous German Fechtbuch manuscript from the mid-1400s - Gladiatoria. A significant work covering armored combat. Hans Czynner little known 15th century Fechtbuch on armored long-sword & dagger.

Hans Talhoffer - One of the great texts of the Medieval German Masters. Fecthbuch Editions 1443, 1449, & 1459 and also Fechtbuch Edition 1467. With English Translation by Mark Rector. ARMA special - Sigmund Ringeck

Portions of Master Ringeck's comentaries on Liechtenauer‘s Fechtbuch c. 1440. One of the major sources for the German school.

 Vom Bauman's Fechtbuch. Images from the Codex Wallerstein - a collection of anonymous German text and illustrations on fighting from c. 1470  The Book on the Art of Fighting With Swords by Fillipo Vadi. 

c. 1482-1487! Peter Von Danzig's Fechtbuch on Liechtenauer, early 1400s.

COMING SOON Anonymous English manuscript from the late-1400s/early-1500s - Goliath. A significant work covering unarmored great-sword combat and wrestling.

ARMA Special - Excerpts from Das Solothurner Fechtbuch, another rare Medieval German fighting manual. ARMA Special - Complete Official English Translation of

Le Jeu de la Hache - 15th century Treastise on the Polaxe!

Hans Lecküchner (Johannes Leckuechner) - Fechtbuch of c. 1482. Orginal Langen Messer material now in the member's area.

Portions of Christian Egenolph's Fechtbuch compliation of c. 1482. Orginal Langen Messer material, and 1531 long-sword translation now in the Member's Area.

Paulus Kal - Fechtbuch, c. 1460. Covers long-sword, messer, sword & buckler, dagger, and wrestling. Material in the member's area. Special - Rare German wrestling plates from Hans Wurm - c. 1500. Also translation & commentary.

Anonymous Fechtbuch - c. 1500+. Armored and unarmored longsword with some sections identical to 1443 Talhoffer other similar to Duerer.

COMING SOON Jörg Wilhalm - little known and excellent long-sword Fechtbuch from earlier edition, c 1520, now in the member's area. Jörg Wilhalm -later edition two editions from 1523, now in the member's area.

Artwork from Albrecht Duerer's early 16th century Fechtbuch! Sigmund Shining, Fechtbuch, c. 1491, c. 1539 edition.


  Images from earlier edition of Paulus Hector Mair's   extraordinary Fechtbuch of c. 1542 in the Member's area. Includes many unique elements and weapons.  

COMING SOON. Images from Paulus Hector Mair's extraordinary Fechtbuch of c. 1542 are now online here. Martin Van Heemskerck, Fechter und Ringer, engravings, 1550.

Material now in the member's area.

 Achille Marozzo - Images from Opera Nova, 1536. One of the major fencing texts of the period.    Images from Camillo Agrippa's 1553 treatise.  The first major 16th century work to focus on the thrust over the cut.  

Images from Fechtmeister Joachim Meyer's Kunst des Fechten - c. 1570 Images from the 1570 Italian edition of Giacomo Di Grassi's important work on weapons and fencing.

ARMA Special - Introduction to Frederico Ghisliero's Rapier Text of 1587. George Silver - The grand English sword master Paradoxes of Defense and also Brief Instructions Upon My Paradoxes of Defense

Images from Francesco Alfieri's 1653 L'Arte Di Ben Manegiarre La Spada, later rapier text. Images from Capo Fero's 1610 rapier treatise, one of the most important works on fencing ever written.

Antonio Quintino's Discorso. Genoese rapier material from 1613. COMING SOON! Joseph Swetnam - One of the great English Masters of Defence on renaissance sword, staff, & rapier. Schoole of the Noble and Worthy Science of Defence Transcription by Steve Hick

Jakob Sutor - Neu Künstliches Fechtbuch of 1612 based on Joachim Meyer (1570). (3.61mb PDF). ARMA Special - George Hale's 1614 rapier text, The Private

Schoole of Defence Pallas Armata: The Gentleman's Armoury, 1639 - Books I & II One of the best English texts on differences between Renaissance sword & rapier. Johann Georg Passchen's 1659 wrestling & self defense text, Vollstandiges Ring-Buch.

Nicolaes Petter's 1674, Klare Onderrichtinge der Voortreffelijke Worstel-Konst (Clear Education in the Magnificent Art of Wrestling) Comprehension of Destreza by Alvaro Guerra de la Vega (1681). An interesting and valuable work comparing Italian and Spanish schools of small-sword. Translation by Miguel Gomez.

Some 18th & 19th Century Works

Alfred Hutton - Famous scholarly works by a Victorian era fencer and military man. Old Swordplay (5.54mb PDF) and Cold Steel (11.1mb PDF) Henry Angelo - 18th century. Hungarian & Highland Broad Sword (26mb PDF).

To Be Added Anonymous Fechtbuch c. 1550

Martin von Heemskerk 1550

Paulus Kal

Text of the Codex Wallerstein

More from Frederico Ghisliero

Translated text from Dei Liberi's "Flos Deullatorium" editions

Camillo Agrippa 1553

Angelo Viggiani 1550

Achille Marozzo 1536

Salvatore Fabris 1606

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