FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) for Debian GNU/Linux

http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/ FAI is an automated system to install a Debian GNU/Linux operating system on a PC cluster. You can take one or more virgin PCs, turn on the power and after a few minutes Linux is installed, configured and running on the whole cluster, without any interaction necessary. Thus it's a scalable method for installing and updating a Beowulf cluster or a network of workstations unattended with little effort involved. FAI uses the Debian distribution and a collection of shell- and Perl-scripts for the installation process. Changes to the configuration files of the operating system are made by cfengine, shell and Perl scripts. Using FAI, an unattended and fully automated installation of a Linux cluster which consists of 16 dual Pentium PC's and a Beowulf cluster with 20 AMD 1 GHz nodes was performed.

Catégorie (1) GNU Linux, Unix 
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